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(PECL getdns >= 0.10.0)

php_getdns_validate_dnssecPerform DNSSEC validation without using extensions.


int php_getdns_validate_dnssec ( int $toValidate , int $supportRecords , int $trustAnchors )

This function can be used by an application to have the getdns library perform DNSSEC validation without using extensions as part of a query. The getdns library will use the resource records in supportRecords to construct the validation chain and the DNSKEY or DS records in trustAnchors as trust anchors.

Note, though, that the utility of this function is currently limited by a bug in the getdns library related to the processing of responses that include compressed names (such as those that include NS, MX and CNAME records). This function also has the shortcoming that it cannot recognize insecure delegations, so it should never be blindly used to determine the DNSSEC status of answers received with the dnssec_return_validation_chain extension. Real DNSSEC validation needs a more intelligent approach than this function can offer with the current getdns API's prototype.



A reference to the list that represents the response resource records to be validated. The needed list can be found by retrieving the "replies_tree" list from the response dictionary, retrieving the dictionary in the first position (index value 0) from that list, and then retrieving the "answer" list from that dictionary.


A reference to the list that represents the records used to construct the validation chain. The support records can be included in the response by setting the "dnssec_return_validation_chain" extension value to GETDNS_EXTENSION_TRUE. The list of support records can then be retrieved from the response dictionary using the "validation_chain" identifier.


A reference to the list that represents the trust anchor records to use for validation. The default list of trust anchor records that is used by the library to validate DNSSEC can be retrieved using the php_getdns_root_trust_anchor() helper function.

Return Values

This function returns an integer response code. GETDNS_DNSSEC_SECURE indicates confirmation of DNSSEC security. GETDNS_DNSSEC_BOGUS indicates that the response was determined to be invalid. GETDNS_DNSSEC_INDETERMINATE indicates that the DNSSEC state could not be determined. GETDNS_DNSSEC_INSECURE indicates that the response was determined to be insecure.

getdns Functions
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