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(PECL getdns >= 0.10.0)

php_getdns_get_api_version_numberGet the getdns runtime API version information in number format.


int php_getdns_get_api_version_number ( void )

This function returns the runtime getdns API version information in number format. Note that this will give you the version of the library that you're currently linked against, not the version of the headers used to compile the library. Compile-time information can be found using the phpinfo() function once the getdns extension has been loaded by PHP. The version information should be consistent for reliable operation.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

This function returns a 32-bit integer representation of the runtime getdns API version information. The format uses the three high-order bytes to represent the year (two bytes) and month (one byte) that identifies the API version number. The low-order byte is unused. For example, version "July 2015" (201507) has a numeric representation of 0x07df0700.

getdns Functions
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