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(PECL getdns >= 0.10.0)

php_getdns_dict_get_bindataGet a bindata value from a dictionary.


int php_getdns_dict_get_bindata ( int $dict , string $name , string &$value )

This function gets a bindata value from a dictionary. The dictionary type is used to manage name/value pairs in which the names are strings and the data types of the values are heterogeneous and include bindata, dictionaries, lists, and integers.



The previously created dictionary that is to be used with this request.


The name whose associated value is to be returned.


The bindata value to be returned. The character string can be converted into an associative array of elements using the PHP unpack() function. Note that this argument is passed by reference and any existing value will be overwritten.

Return Values

This function returns an integer response code. GETDNS_RETURN_GOOD indicates successful completion.

getdns Functions
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