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(PECL getdns >= 0.10.0)

php_getdns_context_set_append_nameSet the append name setting for a context.


int php_getdns_context_set_append_name ( int $context , int $value )

This function sets the value that describes how the getdns library will or will not append a suffix to the query string before the library starts resolving a name.



The previously created DNS context that is to be used with this request.


This value determines if a suffix will be appended to a query string before the library starts resolving a name. The value given should be one of GETDNS_APPEND_NAME_ALWAYS, GETDNS_APPEND_NAME_ONLY_TO_SINGLE_LABEL_AFTER_FAILURE, GETDNS_APPEND_NAME_ONLY_TO_MULTIPLE_LABEL_NAME_AFTER_FAILURE, or GETDNS_APPEND_NAME_NEVER. This controls whether or not to append the suffix given by getdns_context_set_suffix().

Return Values

This function returns an integer response code. GETDNS_RETURN_GOOD indicates successful completion.

getdns Functions
PHP Manual